Christ Church Woodhouse

Woodhouse Hill



Get Involved

If you'd like to be a part of Christ Church Woodhouse, you're in! Come along to our Sunday service, prayer group or events.


If you'd like to help out in any way , giving your time or financially it will be greatly appreciated.


Ways to get involved



Donations big or small are always welcome to help up maintain the church, cover outgoings and help us to continue aiding other charities and causes.  If you'd like to contribute simply click the donate button to give an amount of your choice securely via PayPal (no account needed).










From help with the church flower arrangements to organsing fundraising events to baking buns, there's loads to get involved with and we can always do volunteers. There's always more we can do and with your help we can


Become a Fundraiser

Are you brimming with fundraising ideas or just up for a challenge? From collections, to sponsored walks, every little helps whether you're coming up with the ideas or carring out the challenge.


Become an Events Coordinator

If you're good at organsing events, enjoy making things run smoothly or have a great idea for a community event we could hold, why not get in touch.



Join Us

Simply coming along, means a great deal to use.